PowerPoint Presentations

Scrolling though my reader I stumbled upon this post by chloemprice praising PowerPoint Presentations and honestly I couldn’t agree more. The easiest way for me to effectively integrate ICT into most of my lessons was to create presentations that I would then show to my class.

PowerPoint presentations were my lifeline that I desperately clung to during prac because it proved to be a practical and useful resource. Not only that but it also amplifies my future teaching because I am able to save the presentations and reuse them next year if I teach the same subjects again.

The software also enhances student learning because it is engaging as you typically don’t stay on the same slide for too long and you are able to easily alter the slides if something goes wrong. For example, while I was on prac, an image hadn’t copied properly and it confused the students so I was easily able to remove and replace that image.

PowerPoint Presentations. Thank you for supporting me.

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