Professional Experience

Tomorrow I am going to be meeting my mentor for the first time and I’m really nervous. I wonder what they are like, what their class is like, how they teach their class, what I will or will not be able to do, are there going to be enough opportunities for me to demonstrate my ability to integrate ICT into my lessons, what if I totally flunk out and suck at teaching?

I know professional experience doesn’t start until Monday and I have most of the weekend to prepare but I am just very worried that I won’t be good enough at teaching. I really hope my mentor is willing to provide me with lots of feedback so I can become a competent teacher.

ICT has so many uses in the classroom but in my experience a lot of classes most commonly use it as replacement rather than amplification and transformation… kind of like how the internet has so many uses but one of it’s main uses is looking at cats. Go on. You know you want to watch it even though you have so much work to do… it’s only 2 minutes and 39 seconds long.


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