Identifying the Appropriate Curriculum

As many of you would know by now we need to have selected appropriate content descriptors for our unit plan for assignment 2…

So what is the best way to select content descriptors? Of course, the booklets on study desk walk you through most of it, but for an EC pre-service educator like myself, how in the world can you effectively take an entire class through a unit of work, transforming their knowledge with ICT?

From the Australian Curriculum HASS content descriptors one descriptor has ICT as a general capability in the entire foundation-3 description. Because these years are my forte, I don’t really want to plan a unit plan for a higher grade, not only because I’m not as well educated on them but I have no idea what older students are capable of in the classroom. So what do I do?

I just have to be creative with my unit and think outside the box. I will not have the curriculum to rely on for ideas but there shouldn’t be a shortage of them on the rest of the internet and inside my head.

I’ve realised I’m bad at blogging. Someone send help.

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