So the other day I was given the task of scanning some important documents and emailing them to an important person. I have not ever claimed to be tech savvy but I am pretty proud of what I achieved. Let me just first tell you what I achieved… I made paper documents become one PDF file.

So I scanned all of the files and managed to get them onto a USB fairly easily. Then the issues started. I realised that I had not scanned the documents in an order that was of any use so I had to figure out how to combine them all into one document. I thought Google would know the answer but to my surprise I wasn’t able to do anything it suggested due to not being able to find the buttons I was meant to press!

Instead I decided to try opening them in a word processing document, and that worked fine. Then I clicked on the page and thought if I could just copy it to another page then it’ll be fine… So I tried that and half the text disappeared.

Eventually I figured out how to highlight the entire page and take it all over to the new document but I’d been sitting at the computer for half an hour. Determined not to let technology beat me I stayed there for another 30 minutes copying and pasting documents to create the file I needed and I sent it away and everything was fine… But I have learnt a very valuable lesson… Unfortunately Google does not know everything.

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